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The concept

A couple weeks ago, I created a registration page offering "free and unmetered mail accounts" on a "trusted and reliable infrastructure" with "immediate approval". Very catchy, right?

Unfortunately, all of those facts are lies. There is no infrastructure, no free&unmetered accounts and definitely no approval.
The page as been created with the goal of catching as many spammers and scammers as we can. They fill in the form, lured by the idea of a new identity to send their junk from, but in reality expose their current email addresses, IP's and location.
We all know how easy it is to lie on the Internet, but most of the scammers don't even try! They provide all the details for their new account (eg. name: "President Francis" or "Nigeria Bank Ldt") and even the password they use on other email providers (I tested a couple of them they all worked!).

In the first few days of operations, the decoy form has attracted almost 400 scammers.
I decided to publish the list online so that, sooner or later, it will be in Google's cache and maybe save somebody from being conned out of money.

NB: if by any chance you end up in the list, please let me know and I will remove you ASAP.


To contact me, send an email to asgozzi AT gbhtech DOT com


Starting April 6th 2009, the page listing all the known informations about spammers (passwords, IPs, location, ...) will be accessible only after authentication. I chose to proceed this way after the many suggestions I received (and the fact that most of the traffic to that page came from suspicious address ranges).
If you want access to that page just shoot me an email and I'll send you back the login details.

The CVS list will still be accessible to everyone.


The List


You can access the list in three different ways:

Number of scammers currently in the database: 47851

The list is stored on a database engine, therefore always up-to-date.


The scammers' Reply-To: address list


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The Email Repository




Number of email samples: 19660

The emails are sorted by month.







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